All-Steel Greenhouse Kit

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  • US made Pipes and Aluminum Channel
  • Pipes, door frames, & hip/baseboards feature Flo-Coat®, a Clear Organic seal on US-made Galvanized pipes.
  • LEED Certified pipes:
  • Heavier 16 gauge is heavier duty than store-bought top rail (.065”)
  • Texas Fabricated-reduce miles & ensure hands-on quality control
  • No Guesswork: everything included- no going to store/sourcing/one final price
  • All metal construction- Stronger than wood with no rotting. 
  • All-metal end wall design with pre-made door frame and door with hardware.
  • Field Laminated All metal joints for superior strength and ease of installation. 
  • Integrated wind bracing along 4 lateral points the entire length of your structure.

Kits include:

  • All US made and fabricated Pre-Bent Precision 16 gauge hoops with Flo-Coat®, a Clear Organic seal on US-made Galvanized pipes.
  • US Steel Ground Posts
  • US Steel Braces
  • US Steel Prefabricated 36” Door and Frame with an option for a double 72” Prefabricated Door and Frame
  • US Steel End Wall design
  • Galvanized Hardware Kits include brace bands, nuts, bolts, and washers, zinc self tap screws. Includes nut drivers & drill bits. 
  • Ground Post Driver
  • Texas Made Recycled Aluminum Lock Channel
  • PVC Coated Spring wire
  • 4 Year Greenhouse Plastic
  • Available in 20’, 40’, 60’, 80, 100’ lengths & 14 or 20’ widths


14’= Approx 9’4” at center

20’= Approx 11’4” at center

Sidewalls approx 6’    12” inside wall