Greenhouse Arch Hoop Bender

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Our hoop benders allow you to bend your own hoops to create a 6' wide low tunnel (w/ 1/2"-3/4" EMT) or a 10', 12' or 20' wide high tunnel hoop house out of 1⅜" chain link fence top rail. (Not compatible with 1 5/8" pipe)

Each hoop bender includes the bender, hardware for attachment to any sold flat surface and a extension bar for added leverage at the end of your bend.

Using our greenhouse hoop bender saves you significant amount of money by bending your own hoops from locally available 1⅜" top rail or ½" - ¾" EMT conduit.  Bootstrap Farmer's pole bender provides additional leverage so that anyone can bend their own hoops without much effort or time spent.

Additional Information for Bending Your Own Hoops

Conduit needed for caterpillar tunnel greenhouse (hoop house)

  • 6' wide greenhouse - (1)  10' x ½"-3/4" EMT per hoop
  • 10'-12' wide high tunnel hoop house - (2) 10' x 1⅜" top rail per hoop
  • 20' wide high tunnel hoop house - (3) 10' x 1⅜" top rail per hoop

Hoop Bender Instructions

Mark each 1⅜" top rail (½" or ¾" EMT conduit for low tunnel) pole at 9" starting from the swagged or male end.  

Measure end of Hoop Poles

This mark is a reference point for where we begin bending each pole.

Once each pole is marked setup your hoop bender by securely attaching to a table or flat surface using the provided hardware.  Your hoop bender should come with screws or bolts to anchor it in place.  

Insert each pole through the slot on the top of the bender up to your mark. Bend the pole every 18".  When you reach the end of the hoop use the included extension pole for added leverage.

Connecting Poles to Form Hoops

When all poles are bend, join the poles by inserting the mail end of a pole into the female end.  Secure each pole together with a  ½" self-tapping screw to complete the hoop for your hoop house.  (Do not to place the screws on the top of the hoop where it would rub against the plastic.)