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Frost Blankets - 1.5 oz

Frost Blankets - 1.5 oz

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Whether you’re a market grower or a home gardener, these useful frost blankets can help maximize bed space in number of different ways.

  • Extends the growing season for both fall and spring crops
  • Provide 6-8 degrees of freeze protection.
  • 50% light transmission
  • Holds in heat
  • Is porous and allows rain and overhead irrigation to pass through
  • Minimizes plant burns
  • Helps prevent erosion from soil and seed due to heavy rainfalls
  • Keeps insects and other unwanted variables off of the growing beds
  • Made from a polypropylene felt material that will allow rain and a percentage of light to pass through.

These blankets come in rolls with widths of 12 and 24 feet and lengths of 100 and 250 feet.


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