Bootstrap Grow Bags - 200 Gallon

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Extra Large Fabric Grow Bags


Raised bed grow bags from Bootstrap Farmer are just the perfect fit for your hobby or commercial growing needs.

Our 200 gallon grow bags should last you about 3 years under normal environmental conditions. Our large grow bag has reinforced handles that make it easy to transport. This grow bag also prevents heat build-up, allows excess water to drain away, and aerates soil.


  • 200 gallon durable grow bag
  • 50" in diameter, and 24” deep
  • This fabric grow bag is the perfect raised bed for your garden
  • Provides ideal drainage and aeration
  • Encourages root pruning to stimulate growth
  • Great for air pruning to produce a better plant than a root-bound plant
  • Reuse your grow bag for many seasons
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • This grow bag can be washed, and folded for storage
  • Height: 24"
  • Diameter: 50"

Grow Bag Planting Guide

(Grow bag sizes and soil: approximate measurements if filled to the top.)

5 gal .66 cf

Single plant

or combination of smaller leafy greens.

7 gal .93 cf 

Tomato, peppers, eggplants, woody herbs like rosemary or

 Mix of food crops like a cocktail garden (Mint- lemon verbena-rosemary trailing-eucalyptus).

10 gal 1.3 cf 

Long season root crops like garlic or onions, carrots and beets: large herbs or

small fruit trees, bay tree

100 gal 10.3 cf 

Used in place of a raised bed box.

Root crops, large planting of leafy greens and lettuce

200 gal 26 cf.

Used in place of a raised bed box.

*same plants as 100gal.