1010 Seed Germination Tray with Holes

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Durable 1010 Trays - With Holes - 2.5" Deep 

Designed and sold by Bootstrap Farmer, there’s nowhere else you’ll find trays as strong as ours.

We all used to buy seed trays every year. We begged the question – but why?!

What if we could have a tray that wasn’t looked at like a throw away item? What if it could withstand years of use? Thinking of all the years worth of plastic that’s gone in the landfill made us cringe. We soon realized the way others were making trays for decades was neither cost-efficient for farmers or beneficial to the environment.

That’s why we decided to bring you the best seedling starter trays. After seeing how helpful our new 1020 trays were, we decided to design a more compact, 1010 tray option for our growers.


Designed to withstand abuse from even the toughest farmers. With drain holes, to allow for optimal drainage of your crops. They are compatible with our extra strength 1020 trays, where you can fit two 1010 trays and cover with our humidity dome or our 1010 trays with no holes.

Key Features

  • Extra Thick ( 1.8 - 2.0mm) Black PP #5 Plastic
  • Made for many years of use without breaking, cracking, or warping
  • They are perfect for microgreens, wheatgrass, fodder systems, and germination of seedlings
  • The 1010 trays are bit wider on the top and slightly tapers to the bottom
  • Outer dimensions: 10½" Long x 10½" Wide x 2½" Deep
  • Makes a great bundle or seed starter kit with our durable humidity domes

Please Note

  • 2 1010's will fit in a 1020.  However, due to the thickness of the products, 4 5x5s will not fit in a single 1010.